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Closed Access item Quality characteristics of low-salt restructured poultry with microbial transglutaminase and seaweed

Authors:Cofrades, Susana
López-López, I.
Ruiz-Capillas, C.
Triki, M.
Jiménez Colmenero, Francisco
Issue Date:2011
Citation:Meat Science 87: 373- 380 (2011)
Abstract:Characteristics of restructured poultry steaks as affected by addition of Sea Spaghetti seaweed (3% dry matter) combined with NaCl reduction and a microbial transgutaminase/caseinate (MTGase/caseinate) system as a cold binding agent were studied during chill storage. The incorporation of Sea Spaghetti caused a slight (P< 0.05) increase in purge loss but reduced cooking loss in the products. Addition of MTGase/caseinate did not affect water binding properties. The added seaweed and the MTGase/caseinate system both increased (P< 0.05), the Kramer shear force (KSF) of raw products, making them easier to handle. No such effect was observed in cooked products. Products with Sea Spaghetti had higher levels (P< 0.05) of total viable counts and lactic acid bacteria, and also higher levels of tyramine and spermidine. All products were judged acceptable by a sensory panel. During chill storage no important changes were found in the target properties due to composition. © 2010 The American Meat Science Association.
Identifiers:doi: 10.1016/j.meatsci.2010.11.014
issn: 0309-1740
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