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Closed Access item New β-delayed proton lines from 23 Al

Authors:Kirsebom, O.S.
Fynbo, H.O.U.
Jokinen, A.
Madurga, Miguel
Riisager, K.
Saastamoinen, A.
Tengblad, Olof
Äystö, J.
Issue Date:2011
Citation:European Physical Journal A 47: 130 (2011)
Abstract:We report on a new measurement of the β-delayed proton spectrum of 23Al. Higher statistics compared to previous measurements allow us to identify new proton lines in the energy range 1–2 MeV. A statistical analysis of the observed β strength shows that the B (GT) values are fully consistent with having a Porter-Thomas distribution. This is indicative of chaotic behaviour and implies that only the average β strength carries physical meaning.
Identifiers:doi: 10.1140/epja/i2011-11130-4
issn: 1434-6001
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