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Closed Access item Evaluation of the WHO criteria for the classification of patients with mastocytosis

Authors:Sánchez-Muñoz, Laura
Álvarez-Twose, Iván
Garcia-Montero, Andrés
Teodosio, Cristina
Jara-Acevedo, M.
Pedreira, C. E.
Matito, Almudena
Sánchez, Maria Luz
Gonzalez-de-Olano, David
Orfao, A.
Escribano, Luis
Issue Date:2011
Publisher:Nature Publishing Group
Citation:Modern Pathology 24: 1157-1168 (2011)
Abstract:Diagnosis and classification of mastocytosis is currently based on the World Health Organization (WHO) criteria. Here, we evaluate the utility of the WHO criteria for the diagnosis and classification of a large series of mastocytosis patients (n=133), and propose a new algorithm that could be routinely applied for refined diagnosis and classification of the disease. Our results confirm the utility of the WHO criteria and provide evidence for the need of additional information for (1) a more precise diagnosis of mastocytosis, (2) specific identification of new forms of the disease, (3) the differential diagnosis between cutaneous mastocytosis vs systemic mastocytosis, and (4) improved distinction between indolent systemic mastocytosis and aggressive systemic mastocytosis. Based on our results, a new algorithm is proposed for a better diagnostic definition and prognostic classification of mastocytosis, as confirmed prospectively in an independent validation series of 117 mastocytosis patients.
Identifiers:doi: 10.1038/modpathol.2011.84
issn: 0893-3952
e-issn: 1530-0285
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