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Análisis de la diversidad procariótica asociada a quercíneas (Quercus ilex sp. ballota y Q. pyrenaica) para la identificación de bioindicadores asociados a la evolución post-incendio y al cambio climático en Sierra Nevada

Use of RmInt1, a Group IIB Intron Lacking the Intron-Encoded Protein Endonuclease Domain, in Gene Targeting

Description of new Ensifer strains from nodules and proposal to transfer Ensifer adhaerens Casida 1982 to Sinorhizobium as Sinorhizobium adhaerens comb. nov. Request for an Opinion

Sinorhizobium morelense sp. nov., a Leucaena leucocephala-associated bacterium that is highly resistant to multiple antibiotics

Ethylene-mediated phenotypic plasticity in root nodule development on Sesbania rostrata

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