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Open Access item Determination of selenium by ICP-MS and HG-ICP-MS in coal, fly ashes and sorbents used for flue gas cleaning

Authors:Díaz Somoano, Mercedes
López Antón, María Antonia
Martínez Tarazona, María Rosa
Keywords:Selenium determination, Microwave digestion, ICP-MS, HG-ICP-MS, Coal, Fly ashes, Solid sorbents
Issue Date:Jan-2004
Citation:Fuel 83(2): 231-235(2004)
Abstract:The determination of selenium in solid materials related with the use of coal for energy production was evaluated by two methods; ICP-MS and HG-ICP-MS. Coals, fly ashes and various solids used as sorbents in gas cleaning processes (kaolin, limestone, alumina, metal oxide mixtures and activated carbons), were the materials analysed. In several of these materials, selenium could be determined by either method with similar results. However in coal, fly ashes and some activated carbons, the use of a HG-ICP-MS is necessary in order to avoid interferences. The results obtained by both methods in samples whose selenium content ranges from μg g−1 to mg g−1, are discussed. In general, good (±2–4%) to excellent (±1–2%) agreement between the reference and the obtained concentrations was achieved in the analysis of the certified and reference samples, the relative standard deviation being lower than 10% in all cases.
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/S0016-2361(03)00259-X
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