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Open Access item Microbiology of the stalactites from Grotta dei Cervi, Porto Badisco, Italy

Authors:Laiz Trobajo, L.
Groth, Ingrid
Schumann, Peter
Zezza, F.
Felske, A.
Hermosín, Bernardo
Sáiz-Jiménez, Cesáreo
Issue Date:2000
Publisher:Sociedad Española de Microbiología
Citation:International Microbiology 3(1): 25- 30 (2000)
Abstract:The active stalactites from Grotta del Cervi, Porto Badisco, southeastern Italy, were sampled to investigate the microbial communities present in these speleothems. Sampling was carried out in a transect about 150 m long in the central gallery, where numerous Gram-positive bacteria were isolated. Actinomycetes of the genus Streptomyces were the most abundant, followed by members of the genus Bacillus. Further isolates were assigned to the genera Amycolatopsis, Arthrobactcr, Agminyces, Micrococats, Noccmliopsis and Rhoclococcus of the order Actinomycetales. The ability of actinomycetes to colonize subterranean environments is discussed.
Identifiers:issn: 1139-6709
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