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1openAccess88811.pdf.jpg1-Nov-2011Immigration and the School SystemAlbornoz, Facundo; Cabrales, Antonio; Hauk, Esther  documento de trabajo
2openAccess88711.pdf.jpg14-Oct-2011Straightening out the concept of direct and indirect input requirementsSancho, Ferrándocumento de trabajo
3openAccess88411.pdf.jpg27-Sep-2011El nuevo nistema de financiación de las Comunidades Autónomas de régimen común: un análisis crítico y datos homogéneos para 2009Fuente, Ángel de la  documento de trabajo
4openAccess577.pdf.jpg26-Sep-2011Media Exposure and Internal Migration -Evidence from IndonesiaFarré, Lídia ; Fasani, Francesco documento de trabajo
5openAccess88511.pdf.jpg5-Oct-2011El nuevo sistema de financiación regional: AdendaFuente, Ángel de la  documento de trabajo
6openAccess89011.pdf.jpg2011Seeds of hope: Assessing the effect of development aid on the reduction of child mortalityBurguet, Roberto  ; Soto, Marcelo documento de trabajo
7openAccess88911.pdf.jpg7-Nov-2011La evolución de la financiación de las comunidades autónomas de régimen común, 1999-2009Fuente, Ángel de la  documento de trabajo
8openAccess88011.pdf.jpg1-Aug-2011Sharing the surplus in games with externalities within and across issuesDiamantoudi, Effrosyni; Macho-Stadler, Inés; Pérez-Castrillo, David; Xue, Licundocumento de trabajo
9openAccess85610.pdf.jpg25-Nov-2010Patent Policy, Patent Pools, And The Accumulation Of Claims In Sequential InnovationLlanes, Gastón; Trento, Stefanodocumento de trabajo
10openAccess81210.pdf.jpg10-Mar-2010Mobile Termination, Network Externalities, and Consumer ExpectationsHurkens, Sjaak  ; López, Ángel L.documento de trabajo
11openAccess81810.pdf.jpg22-Apr-2010State-Dependent Threshold STAR ModelsDueker, Michael J.; Psaradakis, Zacharias; Sola, Martin; Spagnolo, Fabiodocumento de trabajo
12openAccess84310.pdf.jpg30-Sep-2010Primaries: The Unifying ForceHortala-Vallve, Rafael; Mueller, Hannes  documento de trabajo
13openAccess83310.pdf.jpg2-Jun-2010EU cohesion aid to Spain: a data set. Part I: 2000-06 planning periodFuente, Ángel de la  ; Boscá, José Emiliodocumento de trabajo
14openAccess85811.pdf.jpg18-Jan-2011Understanding the religious behaviour of Muslims in the Netherlands and the UKGuveli, Ayse; Platt, Lucindadocumento de trabajo
15openAccess84410.pdf.jpg14-Oct-2010Girls like Pink: Explaining Sex-Typed Occupational Aspirations amongst Young ChildrenPolavieja, Javier ; Platt, Lucindadocumento de trabajo
16openAccess82310.pdf.jpg5-Apr-2010A Comparison Of Input-Output Models:Ghosh Reduces To Leontief (But 'Closing' Ghosh Makes It More Plausible)Guerra, Ana Isabel; Sancho, Ferrándocumento de trabajo
17openAccess83010.pdf.jpg28-May-2010Una nota sobre la dinámica de la financiación regionalFuente, Ángel de la  documento de trabajo
18openAccessUna nota sobre la dinámica.pdf.jpg2011Una nota sobre la dinámica de la financiación regionalFuente, Ángel de la  artículo
19openAccess80910.pdf.jpg5-Mar-2010On Strategy-proofness and Symmetric Single-peakednessMassó, Jordi; Moreno de Barreda, Inésdocumento de trabajo
20closedAccessJun-2011A model of ethnic conflictEsteban, Joan  ; Ray, Debraj preprint
21openAccesstesis-Orestis-Troumpounis.pdf.jpgMay-2011Electoral systems and forms of abstentionTroumpounis, Orestistesis doctoral
22openAccessGlobalization and labor market.pdf.jpg9-Jul-2010Globalization and labor market outcomes: Wage bargaining, search frictions, and firm heterogeneityFelbermayr, Gabriel; Prat, Julien  ; Schmerer, Hans-Jörgartículo
23closedAccess28-Jan-2010The Role of Central Bank Operating Procedures in an Economy with Productive Government SpendingCaballé, Jordi ; Hromcova, Janaartículo
24openAccessThanks for nothing.pdf.jpg2-Oct-2010Thanks for nothing? Not-for-profits and motivated agentsGhatak, Maitreesh; Mueller, Hannes  artículo
25openAccessInternalRationality.pdf.jpg2011Internal rationality, imperfect market knowledge and asset pricesMarcet, Albert  ; Adam, Klausartículo
26closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012Gender pairings and accountability effectsBrandts, Jordi  ; Garofalo, Orsolaartículo
27openAccessHigh-growth recoveries.pdf.jpg14-Apr-2011High-growth recoveries, inventories and the Great ModerationCamacho, Máximo; Pérez Quirós, Gabriel; Rodríguez Mendizábal, Hugo  artículo
28openAccess10.1111-j.1468-0297.2010.02390.x.pdf.jpg23-Nov-2010The Quality of Political Institutions and the Curse of Natural ResourcesCabrales, Antonio; Hauk, Esther  artículo
29openAccess10.1016-j.euroecorev.2011.02.003.pdf.jpg22-Mar-2011Trade and unemployment: What do the data say?Felbermayr, Gabriel; Prat, Julien  ; Schmerer, Hans-Jörgdocumento de trabajo
30openAccess10.1016-j.jet.2010.07.006.pdf.jpgNov-2010Stochastic stability for roommate marketsKlaus, Bettina; Klijn, Flip  ; Walzl, Markusartículo
31openAccessCoalitions,Cooperation.pdf.jpg2010Coalitions, Cooperation, Election by Lot, Social Choice TheoryColomer, Josep M. capítulo de libro
32openAccess9780230251540.pdf.jpg21-Apr-2010Do firms compress the wage distribution?Cardoso, Ana Rute  capítulo de libro
33openAccessInternational System and Technologies of Rebellion.pdf.jpgAug-2010International System and Technologies of Rebellion: How the End of the Cold War Shaped Internal ConflictKalyvas, Stathis N.; Balcells, Laia artículo
34openAccess10.1007-s11150-010-9090-5.pdf.jpg16-Mar-2010Children’s and parents’ time use: empirical evidence on investment in human capital in France, Germany and ItalyCardoso, Ana Rute  ; Fontainha, Elsa; Monfardini, Chiaraartículo
35openAccessDeterminants of Attitudes towards Transitional.pdf.jpg2011Determinants of Attitudes towards Transitional Justice: An Empirical Analysis of the Spanish CaseAguilar, Paloma; Balcells, Laia ; Cebolla, Héctorpreprint
36openAccesstesis-Candida-Machado.pdf.jpg15-Jul-2010Population Aging and the Labor MarketMachado, Candidatesis doctoral
37openAccessGFT.pdf.jpgOct-2011International TradeBonfiglioli, Alessandra material didáctico
38openAccessAgeing and real.pdf.jpg2010Ageing and real convergence:challenges and proposalsFuente, Ángel de la  ; Doménech, Rafaelcapítulo de libro
39openAccess10.1561-0700000026.pdf.jpg2011Happiness Economics: A New Road to measuring and Comparing HappinessVan Praag, Bernard M. S.; Ferrer-i-Carbonell, Ada libro
40openAccessPivotal Suppliers.pdf.jpg2011Pivotal Suppliers and Market Power in Experimental Supply Function CompetitionBrandts, Jordi  ; Reynolds, Stanley; Schram, Arthurdocumento de trabajo
41openAccessThree is a crowd.pdf.jpg17-Aug-2010Three is a crowd: A new cooperative solution concept for three-player games that takes parallel, bilateral negotiations to the center stageBurguet, Roberto  ; Caminal, Ramón  comunicación de congreso
42openAccessRental Housing.pdf.jpg2011Rental Housing Discrimination and the Persistence of Ethnic EnclavesBosch, Mariano; Carnero, María Ángeles; Farré, Lídia documento de trabajo
43openAccessJob Market Signaling.pdf.jpg2011Job market signaling and employer learningAlós-Ferrer, C.; Prat, Julien  comunicación de congreso
44openAccessExperimental Economics.pdf.jpg2010Experimental economics as part of economic scienceBrandts, Jordi  presentación
45closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2011Ramon Llull: from ‘Ars electionis’ to social choice theoryColomer, Josep M. artículo
46openAccessBUNDLING.pdf.jpg2011Bundling and switching costs, with implications on convergenceHurkens, Sjaak  ; Jeon, Doh-Shin; Menicucci, Domenicocomunicación de congreso
47openAccessTranslating Priors.pdf.jpg2010Translating Priors about Observables in Autoregressions and the Role of Initial Conditions in Small SamplesMarcet, Albert  comunicación de congreso
48openAccessTransitory saturation.pdf.jpg2010Transitory saturation and the frequency of new product introductionsCaminal, Ramón  comunicación de congreso
49openAccessThe design and efficiency.pdf.jpg2012The design and efficiency of loyalty rewardsCaminal, Ramón  artículo
50openAccessViolence and Displacement in Civil War.pdf.jpg2012Violence and Displacement in Civil War. Evidence from the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939)Balcells, Laia documento de trabajo
Results 1-50 of 585 (Search time: 1.03 seconds).