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Closed Access item Microstructural Characterization of AI-Rich Ni-Cr-AI Cast Alloys

Authors:González-Carrasco, José Luis
Adeva, Paloma
Cristina del Peso, Carmen
Aballe, Miguel
Issue Date:1994
Citation:Materials Characterization 32 (2) : 135-145 (1994)
Abstract:Several Ni-Cr-A1 alloys, with up to 30 at.% A1, were prepared in an induction furnace and cast under inert atmosphere. All alloys were homogenized for 8 h at 1473K under an argon atmosphere, followed by treatments at temperatures between 1023 and 1273K for times up to 180 h. These alloys contain phases that are to a great extent, structurally similar. This is frequently complicated further by their particle size and their degree of order. Their characterization is not always simple and usually must be based on more than one technique. In this work the microstructural evolution was studied by means of light microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and microanalysis, and x-ray diffraction techniques. For completeness, hardness and microhardness tests were performed to evaluate the precipitation phenomenon
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/1044-5803(94)90076-0
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