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Closed Access item Microstructural characterization of rapidly solidified ultrahigh boron tool steels

Authors:Jiménez, José Antonio
Adeva, Paloma
Frommeyer, G.
Ruano, Oscar Antonio
Keywords:Tool steel, Rapid solidification, Hot isostatic pressing, Microstructure, Powder metallurgy
Issue Date:1995
Publisher:Verlag C.H. Beck
Citation:Zeitschrift fuer Metallkunde 86(10) : 693-699 (1995)
Abstract:Argon atomized powders of two modified boron-containing-tool steels in the rapid solidification condition as well as the consolidated materials after hot isostatic pressing at different temperatures were investigated. The microstructure of the powders of both tool steels consists of primary dendrites of solidification and a network of the M23(B,C)6 borocarbide forming a continuous phase. The metastable M3B boride is present because of the high solidification rates involved in the atomization process. This microstructure is gradually lost when the temperature of consolidation by hot isostatic pressing is increased. A fine and uniform microstructure is developed after consolidation at 1100 °C. An increase of hardness with an increase of consolidation temperature is observed which is associated to the presence of martensite since both alloys have a composition characteristic of air-hardening steels. After two consecutive tempering treatments at 650°C for 2h the martensite is decomposed and a decrease of hardness with increasing consolidation temperature is observed.
Publisher version (URL):http://cat.inist.fr/?aModele=afficheN&cpsidt=2902691
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