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Open Access item The NHX echangers mediate osmotic tolerance through the vacuolar compartmentation of potassium

Authors:Leidi, Eduardo O.
Pardo, José M.
Barragán, Verónica
Cubero, Beatriz
Quintero, Francisco J.
Issue Date:2009
Citation:International Conference: Plant Abiotic Stress Tolerance: 19 (2009)
Abstract:NHX-type antiporters in the tonoplast increase the salt tolerance of plants and are thought to mediate compartmentalization of Na+ into vacuoles. However, all isoforms characterized so far catalyze both Na+/H+ and K+/H+ exchange and no conclusive evidence has been presented that NHX exchangers do in fact enhance compartmentalization of Na+ into vacuoles in vivo.
Description:Conferencia celebrada del 8-11 de febrero, 2009, en Viena (Austria). Comunicación presentada dentro de la Session II: Plant response to drought, salt and osmotic stresses. Leidi, Eduardo O. et al.--
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