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Closed Access item Spectral holeburning properties of R′ color centers in LiF: dependence on doping and irradiation processes

Authors:Ortiz, C.
Afonso, Carmen N.
Gehrtz, M.
Schellenberg, F.M.
Bjorklund, G.C.
Whittaker, E.A.
Issue Date:1986
Citation:Applied Physics B Photophysics and Laser Chemistry 41: 197- 203 (1986)
Abstract:The effects of doping and radiation-damage processes on the persistent spectral hole burning properties of R′ color centers in LiF were studied using current tuned GaAlAs diode-laser derivative spectroscopy. Dopants used were Mg, Ni and Co and irradiation was done by x-rays and neutrons. The holes were alwys burned near the center of the zerophonon line. In most cases the experimentally determined hole lineshapes including side holes could be satisfactorily fit by a phenomenological lineshape model with three adjustable parameters. The amplitudes of the side holes relative to the main hole were found to increase with increasing radiation damage. © 1986 Springer-Verlag.
Identifiers:doi: 10.1007/BF00693923
issn: 0721-7269
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