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Open Access item Wedge Structures in Southernmost Argentina (Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego)

Authors:Pérez Alberti, Augusto
Coronato, Andrea
Costa-Casais, Manuela
Valcarcel-Díaz, Marcos
Keywords:Frozen ground, Suelo helado, Periglacial, Soil wedges, Cuñas de suelo, Tierra de Fuego, Argentina, Instituto de Ciencias del Patrimonio, Institute of Heritage Sciences, Patrimonio Cultural, Cultural Heritage, Incipit
Issue Date:2008
Publisher:University of Alaska Fairbanks
Citation:En D. L. Kane, D. M. Hinkel (eds.), Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Permafrost (Alaska, 29 junio-3 julio 2008), 2: 1381-1385. Fairbanks (Alaska).
Abstract:[EN] Wedge-like structures occur in raised beach gravels near Rio Grande, eastern Tierra Del Fuego (latitude 53°50′S; longitude 67°5′W). They vary in dimension, being approximately 1.0–1.5 m deep and 0.3–0.8 m in apparent width. Some are closely spaced, while others are as much as 5.0–8.0 m apart. The infill is predominantly fine and coarse sand, together with silt, all of local provenance. There is little evidence of secondary infill. It is unclear whether these structures are soil wedges, sand wedges, or composite wedges. Their significance as regards the possible previous occurrence of perennially-frozen ground in the lowlands of Tierra del Fuego has yet to be determined.
Publisher version (URL):http://research.iarc.uaf.edu/NICOP/DVD/1st%20to%209th%20Conference%20PDF%20files/09th%20International%20Conference%20on%20Permafrost%20Vol%202.pdf
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