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Open Access item Macro and micro-residual stress distribution in 6061 Al-15 vol.% SiCw under different heat treatment conditions

Authors:Fernández, Pedro
Bruno, Giovanni
González-Doncel, Gaspar
Keywords:Discontinuously reinforced metal matrix composites (DRMMCs), 6061Al, Stress profile, Synchrotron radiation, Heattreatment
Issue Date:2006
Citation:Composites Science and Technology 66 (11-12) : 1738-1748 (2006)
Abstract:The residualstress, RS, profiles in a 6061Al-15 vol.% SiCw composite and in its unreinforced alloy have been determined by synchrotron radiation diffraction, SRD. The high spatial resolution achieved by this technique has allowed resolving the spatial dependence of all three principal components of the RS field with the sample radius. The micro and macrostress have been successfully separated revealing the differentdistribution along the sample cross section as a consequence of their different nature. In this way clear experimental evidence of theoretical works could be given
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.compscitech.2005.11.006
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