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Closed Access item Prohexadione-Calcium as a Regulator of Vine Growth: Effect on the Physical-Chemical Characteristics of Wine Grapes

Authors:Gonzalo-Diago, A.
Avizcuri, J. M.
Ortigosa, N.
Dizy, Marta
Martínez-Soria, M. T.
Sanz-Asensio, J.
Echavarri, F.
Fernández-Zurbano, Purificación
Issue Date:2012
Publisher:Nova Science Publishers
Citation:Grapes: Cultivation, Varieties and Nutritional Uses: 133- 154 (2012)
Abstract:In this book, the authors gather current research in the study of the cultivation, varieties and nutritional uses of grapes. Topics discussed in this compilation include characterization of wine industry residue and its application in foods; evaluation of grape seeds as a source of added value natural antioxidants; prohexadione-calcium as a regulator of vine growth; extraction and bioactive properties of grapeseed polyphenols; hypersensitivity and allergy to grapes; grapes as an alternative crop for water saving and reutilization of grape pomace as a solid medium of fermentation for the production of hydrolytic enzymes of industrial interest. (Imprint: Nova)
Identifiers:isbn: 978-1-62100-016-7
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