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Closed Access item Influence of Accumulated Stress in Austenite on Transformed Ferrite Grain Size by Hot Rolling for a V-microalloyed Steel

Authors:Medina, Sebastián F.
Gómez, Manuel
Rodríguez, E.
Rancel, Lucía
Keywords:Simulation, Hot rolling, Interpass time, Accumulated stress
Issue Date:2008
Publisher:Iron and Steel Institute of Japan
Citation:ISIJ International 48(9) : 1263-1269 (2008)
Abstract:Torsion test rolling simulations have been performed in different conditions (pass strain, interpass time) for a V-microalloyed steel (C=0.165; V=0.170 wt%). The accumulated stress (Δσ) in austenite at temperatures below the no-recrystallisation temperature (Tnr) has been measured. The accumulated stress is directly related to the dislocation density. The ferrite grain size (Dα) obtained after hot rolling simulations for different conditions and a cooling rate of 3.5 K/s has been measured. Dα is found to be dependent on Δσ and on the austenite grain size prior to the austenite–ferrite transformation during cooling. On the other hand, a higher strain accelerates recrystallisation between passes, lowers the Tnr value, and consequently leads to a smaller accumulated stress. It is seen that a minimum value of 15 MPa must be reached in order for Dα refinement to begin.
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.2355/isijinternational.48.1263
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