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Open Access item Radiating Wideband Sonar Pulses with Resonant Sandwich Transducers by Designing the Driving Voltage Waveform

Authors:Cobo, Pedro
Ranz Guerra, Carlos
Siguero Guerra, Manuel
Keywords:Pulse radiation, Sandwich Transducers, Piezoelectric Transducers, Driving Voltage Waveform, Resolving Power
Issue Date:Sep-2001
Publisher:Acoustical Society of Italy
Citation:17th International Congress on Acoustics, Underwater Acoustics, Ocean Acoustic Tomography, 6C.06.01
Abstract:A technique to radiate short length, high resolution, pulses with conventional piezoelectric transducers is described. It consists on designing the driving voltage waveform so that the radiated pulse has a zero-phase cosine-magnitude spectrum compatible with the natural frequency response of the transducer. According to Berkhout [1], zero-phase cosine-magnitude pulses have the minimum length, maximum resolution, within a prescribed frequency band. When applied to a 9 kHz sandwich transducer, this technique decreases the pulse length from 1 ms to 0.13 ms, increases the bandwidth from 1.4 kHz to 11.25 kHz, and lowers the Q factor from 6.2 to 1.23, at the cost of 33% of amplitude loss.
Description:Communication presented at the 17th International Congress on Acoustics, Rome, 2-7 September 2001.
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