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Open Access item μ --> eγ and τ --> lγ decays in the fermion triplet seesaw model

Authors:Abada, Asmaa
Biggio, Carla
Bonnet, Florian
Gavela, Mª Belén
Hambye, Thomas
Keywords:High Energy Physics - Phenomenology
Issue Date:2-Jul-2008
Citation:arXiv:0803.0481v2 [hep-ph]
Series/Report no.:IFT-UAM/CSIC-08-12
LPT-Orsay 08-05
Abstract:In the framework of the seesaw models with triplets of fermions, we evaluate the decay rates of μ --> eγ and τ --> lγ transitions. We show that although, due to neutrino mass constraints, those rates are in general expected to be well under the present experimental limits, this is not necessarily always the case. Interestingly enough, the observation of one of those decays in planned experiments would nevertheless contradict bounds stemming from present experimental limits on the μ --> eee and τ --> 3l decay rates. Such detection of radiative decays would therefore imply that there exist sources of lepton flavour violation not associated to triplet fermions.
Description:Submitted on 4 Mar 2008 (v1), last revised 2 Jul 2008 (this version, v2).-- Section on μ-e conversion in nuclei added, version to appear in PRD.
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