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Closed Access item Synthesis, Swelling, and Exfoliation of Microporous Lamellar Titanosilicate AM-4

Authors:Casado, Clara
Ambroj, Diego
Mayoral, Álvaro
Vispe, Eugenio
Téllez, Carlos
Coronas, Joaquín
Keywords:Intercalations, Layered compounds, Adsorption, Organic–inorganic hybrid composites, Zeolite analogues
Issue Date:May-2011
Citation:European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 14: 2247-2253 (2011)
Abstract:AM-4 is a layered porous titanosilicate built from TiO6 and SiO4 polyhedra. An improved synthesis of AM-4 crystalsenabling control of particle size by secondary growth and reducing synthesis time is presented. A new material, UZAR-S2, has been obtained by exfoliation of the smaller AM-4. The exfoliation consists of proton exchange with acetic acid, intercalation with nonylamine, and final activation by washing with HCl/water/ethanol. Besides XRD, TEM, N2 adsorption, FTIR, and UV/Vis characterization highlighting the delaminated character of UZAR-S2, CO2 adsorption was also measured.
Description:7 páginas, 10 figuras, 2 tablas.
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1002/ejic.201100152
E-ISSNmetadata.dc.identifier.doi = DOI:1099-0682
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