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Open Access item Instantaneous and historical temperature effects on α-pinene emissions in Pinus halepensis and Quercus ilex.

Authors:Blanch, J.
Llusia, Joan
Niinemets, Ü.
Noe, S. M.
Peñuelas, Josep
Keywords:Pinus halepensis, Previous climate effects, Acclimation, Emission model, Quercus ilex
Issue Date:2011
Publisher:Academy of Environmental Biology, India
Citation:Journal of Environmental Biology 32: 1-6 (2011)
Abstract:We compared the role of instantaneous temperature and temperature history in the determination of α-pinene emissions in Mediterranean conifer Pinus halepensis that stores monoterpenes in resin ducts, and in Mediterranean broad-leaved evergreen Quercus ilex that lacks such specialized storage structures. In both species, α-pinene emission rates (E) exhibited a significant exponential correlation with leaf temperature and the rates of photosynthetic electron transport (JCO 2 +O 2 ) started to decrease after an optimum at approximately 35 o C. However, there was a higher dependence of E on mean temperature of previous days than on mean temperature of current day for P. halepensis but not for Q. ilex. JCO 2 +O 2 showed a maximum relationship to mean temperature of previous 3 and 5 days for P. halepensis and Q. ilex respectively. We conclude that although the best correlation of emission rates were found for instantaneous foliar temperatures, the effect of accumulated previous temperature con
Description:6 páginas,4 figuras.
Publisher version (URL):http://jeb.co.in/journal_issues/201101_jan11/paper_01.pdf
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