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Closed Access item Dissolved iron distributions in the central region of the Gulf of California, México

Other Titles:Biogeochemistry of iron in the large islands region of the Gulf of California
Authors:Segovia Zavala, José Antonio
Lares, María Lucila
Delgadillo-Hinojosa, Francisco
Tovar-Sánchez, Antonio
Sañudo-Wilhelmy, Sergio A.
Keywords:Iron, Gulf of California, Atmospheric influence, OMZ, Nitrogen fixation, Benthic input
Issue Date:Jan-2010
Citation:Deep Sea Research - Part I - Oceanographic Research Papers 57(1): 53–64 (2010)
Abstract:We report dissolved iron (Fed) concentrations measured in the upper 600 m in the central region of the Gulf of California (GC) under spring conditions. Our results showed the complex nature of Fe cycling within the GC. In the northern region of the study area, surface waters were relatively enriched, with Fed concentrations >5.0 nM, which can be partially explained by an atmospheric source. These concentrations are 12 times higher than those found in the adjacent Pacific Ocean. In contrast, Fed depth profiles in the southern region did not show any Fed surface enrichment (concentrations <1.5 nM) because of particle scavenging and higher stratification of the water-column. The most southern station in our area of study was the most stratified and showed an excess Fed and PO4 with respect to NO3, conditions favorable for nitrogen fixation. This station also showed the least negative surface value of N* of all stations. However, despite the adequate levels of Fed and PO4 at that location, the surface temperature (22.6 °C) was probably not high enough for diazotrophs to develop. A slight increase in Fed levels in intermediate waters at the southern region was associated with the oxygen minimum zone. Finally, our results suggest that remineralization of organic matter is probably the major source of Fed in subsurface waters of the GC.
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.dsr.2009.10.007
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