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Título : Effect of the influent COD concentration on the anaerobic digestion of winery wastewaters from grape-red and tropical fruit (guava) wine production in fluidized bed reactors with chilean natural zeolite for biomass immobilization
Autor : Montalvo, Silvio, Guerrero, Lorna, Borja Padilla, Rafael, Cortés, Isel, Sánchez, Enrique, Colmenarejo Morcillo, Manuel F.
Palabras clave : Influent COD
Anaerobic fluidized bed reactors
Chilean zeolite
Process performance
Fecha de publicación : 2010
Editor: Croatian Society of Chemical Engineers
Citación : Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Quaterly 24(2): 219-226 (2010)
Resumen: The effect of the influent COD concentration on the performance of anaerobic fluidized bed reactors treating winery wastewaters from grape-red wine (GRWW) and guava wine production (GWW) was studied at laboratory scale. Two reactors were used: one treating GRWW (AFB1) and the other processing GWW (AFB2). The behaviour of these reactors packed with Chilean zeolite as biomass immobilization support was compared at mesophilic temperature (35 °C). Influent COD varied from 1–24 g L –1 and the HRT was maintained constant at 1 day throughout the experiment. During the experiment, influent and effluent pH, TVFA, COD and methane gas production were determined. COD removal efficiency increased with the influent COD up to a maximum of around 19 g L –1 for GRWW and up to around 22 g L –1 for GWW due to the increase of the concentration of phenols. Process performance was slightly better with guava winery wastewater than with grape-red winery wastewater due its lower phenolic content. During the period of non-inhibition the methane yield was virtually constant.
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ISSN: 0352-9568
Citación : Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Quaterly 24(2): 219-226 (2010)
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