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Closed Access item A new atlantasellid isopod (Asellota: Aselloidea) from the flooded coastal karst of the Dominican Republic (Hispaniola): Evidence for an exopod on a thoracic limb and biogeographical implications

Authors:Jaume, Damià
Issue Date:2001
Publisher:Cambridge University Press
Citation:Journal of Zoology 255: 221- 233 (2001)
Abstract:A new representative of the thus far monotypic, Bermudan aselloid family Atlantasellidae is described from the freshwater layers of two coastal sinkholes on the south-west Dominican Republic, Hispaniola. Atlantasellus dominicanus sp. nov. is extraordinary among isopods in retaining a remnant of the exopod on one of its pereiopods; no other isopod is known to express a schizopodous condition of thoracic limbs. The locomotory behaviour, body volvation habits, and apparent specificity of the new taxon for life on submerged decaying wood in cave waters are described. Analysis of palaeogeographic and ecological evidence supports the interpretation of the Atlantasellidae as a thalassoid lineage, contrary to previous phylogenetically supported assumptions considering them to be an ancient, freshwater lineage.
Identifiers:doi: 10.1017/S0952836901001297
issn: 0952-8369
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