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Closed Access item Improved description of the ocean mesoscale variability by combining four satellite altimeters

Authors:Pascual, Ananda
Faugère, Yannice
Larnicol, Gilles
Le Traon, Pierre-Yves
Issue Date:2006
Publisher:American Geophysical Union
Citation:Geophysical Research Letteres 33: L02611 (2006)
Abstract:Data from four satellite altimeters are combined with the aim of improving the representation of the mesoscale variability in the Global Ocean. All missions [Jason-1, ERS-2/ENVISAT, Topex/Poseidon interleaved with Jason-1, and Geosat Follow-On] are cross-calibrated previously to produce weekly gridded maps. In areas of intense variability, the rms differences between a classical configuration of two altimeters and the scenario merging four missions can reach 10 cm and 400 cm2/s2 in SLA and EKE, respectively, which represents an important percentage of the signal variance. A comparison with surface drifters shows that the four altimeter scenario improves the recovery of mesoscale structures that were not properly sampled with Jason-1 + ERS-2/ENVISAT. Finally, the consistency between altimetric and tide gauge data is improved by about 25% when coastal sea level is estimated with 4 satellites compared to the results obtained with 2 altimeters. Copyright 2006 by the American Geophysical Union.
Identifiers:doi: 10.1029/2005GL024633
issn: 0094-8276
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