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Open Access item Scientific summary of the 3rd International Symposium on Propionibacteria and Bifidobacteria: Dairy and Probiotic Applications

Authors:González de los Reyes-Gavilán, Clara
Keywords:Bifidobacterium, Biotechnology, Clinical trials as topic, Probiotics, Propionibacterium
Issue Date:1-Sep-2011
Citation:International Journal of Food Microbiology 149(1): 2-3 (2011)
Abstract:The Propiobifido2010 Symposium dealt with the current advances in dairy and probiotic applications of Bifidobacterium and Propionibacterium genera. Both Gram-positive bacteria are grouped within the Actinobacteria phylum and share some common physiological properties. Research into propionibacteria has been classically oriented to their technological properties in dairy products, particularly Swiss-type cheeses, whilst research on bifidobacteria has mainly been focused on their probiotic potential. Nowadays both, the probiotic potential and the improvement of technological characteristics of propionibacteria and bifidobacteria, are scientific areas of increasing interest. Communications presented in this Symposium focused on five major subjects which are commented on below.
Identifiers:doi: 10.1016/j.ijfoodmicro.2011.06.004
issn: 0168-1605
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