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Open Access item Morphology, thermal properties and mechanical relaxations of metallocene syndiotactic polypropylenes

Authors:López Moya, Ester
Gómez-Elvira González, José Manuel
Benavente, R.
Pérez, Ernesto
Issue Date:2012
Publisher:European Polymer Federation
Citation:E-Polymers : - (2012)
Abstract:The complex polymorphic behaviour of four syndiotactic polypropylene (sPP) samples have been analysed by means of DSC and WAXD techniques. Two samples (sPP1, sPP2) were synthesised via metallocene polymerization by using the ansa-zirconocene Ph2C(Cp)(9-Flu)ZrCl2 as catalyst. Finally, two additional specimens with different molar masses (sPP1-Fr1, sPP1-Fr2) were prepared from the most syndiotactic sPP1 sample by temperature gradient extraction. The WAXD analysis shows that together with the orthorhombic form I, form II can coexist in a variable but small proportion depending on both the chain features and the processing conditions. The relative contribution of the disordered and the ordered types of form I is also dictated by molar mass, configurational microstructure as well as processing conditions. The observed changes in the thermal properties as measured by DSC and in the mechanic-dynamical relaxations of the samples, on slowing the crystallisation rate down, can be rationalised in terms of two concurrent processes, namely the perfection undergone by the crystals and the segregation of the amorphous phase.
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