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Closed Access item The immune boundaries for stem cell based therapies: Problems and prospective solutions

Authors:Hmadcha, Abdelkrim
Domínguez-Bendala, Juan
Wakeman, Jane
Arredouani, Mohamed
Soria, Bernat
Keywords:Stem cells, Histocompatibility, Immune rejection, Cell therapies
Issue Date:Aug-2009
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons
Citation:Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine 13(8a): 1464-1475 (2009)
Abstract:Stem cells have fascinated the scientific and clinical communities for over a century. Despite the controversy that surrounds this field, it is clear that stem cells have the potential to revolutionize medicine. However, a number of significant hurdles still stand in the way of the realization of this potential. Chiefly among these are safety concerns, differentiation efficiency and overcoming immune rejection. Here we review current progress made in this field to optimize the safe use of stem cells with particular emphasis on prospective interventions to deal with challenges generated by immune rejection. © 2009 Foundation for Cellular and Molecular Medicine/Blackwell Publishing Ltd.
Identifiers:doi: 10.1111/j.1582-4934.2009.00837.x
issn: 1582-1838
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