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Open Access item Eagle Owls in Doñana: a conservation dilemma or not?

Authors:Penteriani, Vincenzo
Lourenço, Rui
Delgado, María del Mar
Issue Date:Feb-2012
Publisher:British Birds
Citation:British Birds 105 • February 2012 • 88–95
Abstract:The recent increase in the numbers of Eagle Owls Bubo bubo in Britain has led to widespread concern about the potential impact of this top predator on populations of other birds and mammals. We present data on the recent colonisation by Eagle Owls of the Doñana protected area, in southern Spain. The preliminary results provide a relevant case study for analysing the increasing Eagle Owl population in Britain. We describe population density and distribution, breeding biology, diet, home-range behaviour and natal dispersal of the species. Four years of research have highlighted the complexity of the situation in Doñana, and suggest that decision-makers should act with extreme caution when contemplating population control
Publisher version (URL):http://www.britishbirds.co.uk/latest-issues/british-birds-february-2012
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