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Open Access item Termodegradation of Carotenoid Pigments in Virgin Olive Oils

Authors:Aparicio-Ruiz, R.
Mínguez Mosquera, María Isabel
Gandul-Rojas, Beatriz
Keywords:Virgin olive oil, Carotenoids, Isomerization, Thermal degradation, Kinetics, Arrhenius parameters, Isokinetic effect, Thermal stability
Issue Date:20-Jun-2010
Citation:International Congress on Pigments in Food: Chemical, Biological and Technological Aspects (6th. 2010. Budapest, Hungary)
Abstract:Each technological process for obtaining and/or storage of vegetable foods is associated with a specific transformation of their carotenoid pigments. This fact makes these bioactive constituents appropriate quality indicators of final product quality and demonstrate their potential applicability as a tool for process traceability. Carotenoids are widely affected by heat treatment and undergoing reactions of isomerization and autoxidation with the destruction of chromophore groups in vegetable foods thermally processed. (1-4). Lutein and -carotene are the major carotenoids in virgin olive oil (VOO) but also believed 5,6-epoxy-xantophylls as neoxanthin, violaxanthin and anteraxanthin (5). The objective of this work was focused on identifying and characterizing the termodegradation reactions of the carotenoid pigments present in the virgin olive oil (VOO), in order to predict the behaviour of these markers towards the variables thermal regulating the critical points of their processing and storage. The kinetics of the degradation reactions of -carotene, lutein, and the 5, 6-epoxy-xantophylls were studied at different temperatures (60, 80, 100 and 120 °C) in order to determine the thermodynamic parameters of these reactions in three VOO samples with high, medium and low pigmentation.
Description:6th International Congress on Pigments in Food: Chemical, Biological and Technological Aspects. (Budapest, Hungary, june 20-24, 2010)
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