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Open Access item Preparation Of Mesophase From Anthracene Oil

Authors:Menéndez López, Rosa M.ª
Sutil Salas, Juan
Álvarez Rodríguez, Patricia
Blanco Rodríguez, Clara
Santamaría Ramírez, Ricardo
Granda Ferreira, Marcos
Keywords:Anthracene oil, Mesophase, Carbon materials
Issue Date:2007
Citation:International Conference on Coal Science and Technology. Nottingham (Reino Unido), 28-31 agosto de 2007
Abstract:The transformation of anthracene oil into pitch is a feasible procedure for obtaining pitches with binder and impregnating characteristics. Moreover, their high aromaticity, total absence of solid particles and good fluidity make anthracene oil-based pitches interesting precursors for graphitizable carbon materials (e.g., carbon fibres, synthetic graphites). To prepare this kind of material the formation of mesophase in necessary during any one of the processing steps. This work deals with the preparation of mesophase from anthracene oil derivatives by controlled thermal treatment and subsequent sedimentation.
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