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Closed Access item Uneven dynamic response of floors in a sports pavilion

Authors:Recuero, A.
Río, O.
Gutiérrez, J. P.
Keywords:Dynamic response, Sports pavilion
Issue Date:1995
Citation:Computers and Structures; 55 (1) : 185-189 (1995)
Abstract:A case study is described, corresponding to a newly built sports pavilion for the training of top competition athletes. Some of them, mainly those taking part in triple jump, observed the uneven dynamic response of the floor, depending on whether the beating was on a floor zone over a structural beam or on the mid-span between two beams. A set of experimental tests were performed whose results served to adjust a mathematical model. This finite element model was used to analyse the problem and also to evaluate the effect that different modifications would produce in the structure's dynamic response. State of the art bibliography and codes were studied in order to learn how to introduce the loads representing athletes' action and how to evaluate the influence of the dynamic response of the structure on athletes. Different solutions, described in the paper, were analysed, one of which was recommended and subsequently executed, solving the problem.
Publisher version (URL):http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/004579499400407T
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