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Open Access item New observations of amphibians and reptiles in Morocco, with a special emphasis on the eastern region

Authors:Barata, Mafalda
Perera, Ana
Harris, David James
Van Der Meijden, Arie
Carranza, Salvador
Ceacero, Francisco
García-Muñoz, Enrique
Gonçalves, Duarte
Henriques, Sergio
Jorge, Fátima
Marshall, Jonathan C.
Pedrajas, Luis
Sousa, Pedro
Issue Date:2011
Publisher:British Herpetological Society
Citation:Herpetological Bulletin 116: 4-14 (2011)
Abstract:This study reports the observations of 54 species of amphibians and reptiles obtained during four field surveys to Morocco, including the southern and southeastern regions. Our records reveal a notable expansion of the current distribution range for several species especially in the eastern part of the country, highlighting the need for more intensive sampling within this region.
Identifiers:issn: 1473-0928
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