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closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg19-Feb-2013Acid ceramidase as a therapeutic target in metastatic prostate cancerCamacho, Luz; Meca-Cortés, Óscar; Abad, José Luis; García, Simón; Rubio, Nuria; Celià-Terrassa, Toni; Cingolani, Francesca; Blanco, Jerónimo; Delgado, Antonio; Casas, Josefina; Thomson, Timothy M.Artículo
openAccessmolecules-19-03744-v2.pdf.jpgMar-2014Atomic model and micelle dynamics of QS-21 saponinPedebos, Conrado; Pol-Fachin, Laércio; Pons, Ramon; Teixeira, Cilâine Verônica; Teixeira, Hugo F.Artículo
openAccessPeptide nanofibres.Farad.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2013Peptide nanofibres as molecular transporters: From self-assembly to in vivo degradationMazza, Mariarosa; Patel, Avnish; Pons, Ramon; Bussy, Cyrill; Kostarelos, KostasArtículo
openAccessRP_Tetrahedron2013.pdf.jpg30-Jun-2013New chiral polyfunctional cyclobutane derivatives from (-)-verbenone: Possible surfactant behaviourOspina, Jimena; Sorrenti, Alessandro; Illa, Ona; Pons, Ramon; Ortuño, Rosa MariaArtículo
openAccessRP_SoftMatter2014.pdf.jpg28-Dec-2014Characterization and stability of catanionic vesicles formed by pseudo-tetraalkyl surfactant mixturesPucci, Carlotta; Pérez, Lourdes F.; La Mesa, Camillo; Pons, RamonArtículo
openAccessRP_PharmRes2014.pdf.jpgApr-2014Topical anti-inflammatory potential of quercetin in lipid-based nanosystems: In vivo and in vitro evaluationCaddeo, Carla; Díez-Sales, Octavio; Pons, Ramon; Fernàndez-Busquets, Xavier; Fadda, Anna Maria; Manconi, MariaArtículo
openAccessRP_Langmuir2013B.pdf.jpg26-Nov-2013Structure and phase equilibria of the soybean lecithin/PEG 40 monostearate/water systemMontalvo, Gemma; Pons, Ramon; Zhang, G; Díaz, M.; Valiente, MercedesArtículo
openAccessRP_Langmuir2013.pdf.jpg25-Jun-2013Mixed monolayer of DPPC and lysine-based cationic surfactants: An investigation into the antimicrobial activityColomer, Aurora; Pérez, Lourdes F.; Pons, Ramon; Infante, María Rosa; Perez-Clos, Dani; Manresa, Àngels; Espuny, María José; Pinazo, AuroraArtículo
closedAccessrestringido.pdf.jpg11-Sep-2013Extraction, purification and nanoformulation of natural phycocyanin (from Klamath algae) for dermal and deeper soft tissue deliveryCaddeo, Carla; Chessa, Maura; Vassallo, Antonio; Pons, Ramon; Díez-Sales, Octavio; Fadda, Anna Maria; Manconi, MariaArtículo
openAccessRP_CollSurfB2013.pdf.jpg1-Nov-2013The nanostructure of surfactant-DNA complexes with different arrangementsMezei, Amália; Pons, Ramon; Morán, María CarmenArtículo
openAccessRP_CollSurfB_2014.pdf.jpg1-Nov-2014Release of DNA and surfactant from gel particles: The receptor solution effect and the dehydration-hydration aspectsMezei, Amália; Pons, RamonArtículo
openAccessRP_BBA2014.pdf.jpg3-Mar-2014Complex rhamnolipid mixture characterization and its influence on DPPC bilayer organizationHaba, Ester; Pinazo, Aurora; Pons, Ramon; Pérez, Lourdes F.; Manresa, A.Artículo
openAccessRP_JCIS2013.pdf.jpg1-Mar-2013The production and physicochemical properties of a biosurfactant mixture obtained from Sphingobacterium detergensBurgos-Díaz, César; Pons, Ramon; Teruel, José Antonio; Aranda, Francisco José; Ortíz, António José; Manresa, A.; Marqués, Ana MaríaArtículo
openAccessBiosensors_Bioelectron2015.pdf.jpg5-Dec-2015Label-free electrochemical DNA sensor using "click"-functionalized PEDOT electrodesGalán, Teresa R.; Prieto-Simón, Beatriz; Alvira, Margarita; Eritja, Ramón; Götz, Günther; Bäuerle, Peter; Samitier, JosepArtículo
openAccessRSCAdv2015.pdf.jpg2015Modulation of the stability of i-motif structures using an acyclic threoninol cytidine derivativePérez-Rentero, Sonia; Gargallo, Raimundo; González, Carlos; Eritja, RamónArtículo
openAccessRNA&Disease2015.pdf.jpg2015RNA modified with acyclic threoninol nucleic acids for RNA interferenceAlagia, Adele; Terrazas, Montserrat; Eritja, RamónArtículo
openAccessmolecules-20-07602_aTNA2.pdf.jpgMay-2015Modulation of the RNA interference activity using central mismatched siRNAs and acyclic threoninol nucleic acids (aTNA) unitsAlagia, Adele; Terrazas, Montserrat; Eritja, RamónArtículo
openAccesscolloidsSurfB2014.pdf.jpgJul-2014Cationic vesicles based on non-ionic surfactant and synthetic aminolipids mediate delivery of antisense oligonucleotides into mammalian cellsGrijalvo, Santiago; Alagia, Adele; Puras, Gustavo; Zárate, Jon; Pedraz, José Luís; Eritja, RamónArtículo
openAccessmolecules-19-17872threoninol.pdf.jpgNov-2014RNA/aTNA chimeras: RNAi effects and nucleases resistance of single and double stranded RNAsAlagia, Adele; Eritja, Ramón; Terrazas, MontserratArtículo
openAccessmolecules-19-10495thiooctic.pdf.jpgJul-2014Thioctic acid derivatives as building blocks to incorporate DNA oligonucleotides onto gold nanoparticlesPérez-Rentero, Sónia; Grijalvo, Santiago; Peñuelas, Guillem; Fàbrega, Carme; Eritja, RamónArtículo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 788
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