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Open Access item Quality and composition of juniperus sativa l. pastures and according to management and environmental factors

Authors:Gómez Sal, A.
Oliver, Salvador
Pastor Piñeiro, Jesús
Keywords:Calcareous and orophytic pastures, Ecological factors, Abiotic exploitation, Environmental stresses
Issue Date:1986
Publisher:Sociedade Portuguesa de Pastagens e Forragens
Citation:Proceedings of the 11th general meeting of the European Graslands Federation Troia Portugal 4 a 9 mai: p 145-153 (1989)
Abstract:Creeping savin (Junlperus sabina L.) confers a strong character to the pastures in the calcareous fíat highlands of the Iberian Mountain System. Communities of creeping savin were found in 24% of sites in a startified sampling. Each of these was analized as a function of its specific composition, taking into account edaphic, geomorphologic and climatic factors. Pastures with creeping savin are found in sites of extreme environmetal conditions with predominant degrated stony soils and where heaving has selected plants specialized in producing under these stresses. The pastures belong mainly to the subhumid type included in Al. Bromion, however according to soil stoniness and degradation and water holding capacity, a variation gradient can be found. A traditional use, based on transhumance, with heavy grazing pressure during summer, outstands among the factors contributing to the make up of today's landacapes. These pastures high quality rests on its richnes in perennial legumes of a hígh forage valué. Chaemephyte and hemicrophyte creeping typea have special importance in pastures structures.
Description:8 páginas, y tablas estadísticas.
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