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Open Access item Population structure of Sebastes mentella in the north-east Arctic

Authors:Saborido-Rey, Fran
Nedreaas, Kjell
Issue Date:1998
Publisher:International Council for the Exploration of the Sea
Citation:CM 1998/AA:2
Abstract:At Present time it is considered the existence of only one management unit of S. mentella in Northest Atlantic. In present paper a morphometric analysis is made to compare specimens from different time of the year. Residuals of the regression between each morphometric variable and standard lenght are used as input in a Stepwise Discriminant Analysis. Results show a possible different population structure in the area, with three main regions morphometrically different:Svalbard, Barents Sea and Norwegian Sea and Lofoten area being and intermediate area where fish from the other areas are present at different seasons of the year. A previously described spawning migration pattern is also possible to detect from the present analysis and its implication on survey design is discussed
Description:18 páginas, 5 tablas, 9 figuras
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