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Title: Broadband infrared emission from Er–Tm:Al₂O₃ thin films
Authors: Xiao, Zhisong, Serna, Rosalía, Afonso, Carmen N.
Keywords: [PACS] Amorphous materials; glasses and other disordered solids
[PACS Insulators
[PACS] Laser materials
Issue Date: 7-Sep-2005
Publisher: American Institute of Physics
Abstract: Thin films of amorphous aluminum oxide (Al₂O₃) co-doped with Er³⁺ and Tm³⁺ have been synthesized by alternate pulsed laser deposition. When pumped at 794 nm a broad emission band over 1400–1700 nm is observed. Two peaks related to the 1540 nm band from Er³⁺ and to the 1640 nm band from Tm³⁺ are clearly distinguished. The photoluminescence intensity ratio of the 1640–1540 nm emissions has been controlled by modifying the Tm concentration. A spectrum with a fairly flat profile and a full width at half maximum of 230 nm is obtained for an Er concentration of 7.2×10¹⁹ cm⁻³ and a [Tm]/[Er] concentration ratio of 3. It is found that the Er³⁺ to Tm³⁺ energy transfer processes play an important role in the definition of the luminescent response. The large width of the emission band and the excellent optical and thermomechanical properties of the Er–Tm co-doped Al₂O₃ signal this system as a potential candidate for the development of broadband integrated optical amplifiers.
Description: 3 pags. ; 3 figs.
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ISSN: 0003-6951
???metadata.dc.identifier.doi???: 10.1063/1.2040005
Citation: Applied Physics Letters, 87 (11) : 111103 (2005)
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