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Closed Access item Spark plasma sintering of self-doped alumina powders

Authors:Suárez, M.
Fernández, Adolfo
Torrecillas, Ramón
Menéndez, J. L.
García-Granda, S.
Fauth, F.
Issue Date:Jan-2010
Publisher:Carl Hanser Verlag
Citation:International Journal of Materials Research 01: 106-111 (2010)
Abstract:This work explores the sintering by spark plasma sintering of self-doped submicrometre alumina powders following an alcoxide route. It is shown that the self-doping process leads to nucleation of alumina nanoparticles located in the surface of the initial alumina grains, therefore avoiding the presence of phases other than α-Al2O3 in the final microstructure. The presence of such alumina nanocrystals leads to a modification of the sintering process minimizing grain growth compared to un-doped alumina powders under similar sintering conditions.
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.3139/146.110243
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