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Open Access item Pattern Formation in a Type-II Optical Parametric Oscillator

Authors:Izús, Gonzalo
Santagiustina, Marco
San Miguel, Maxi
Colet, Pere
Issue Date:2001
Abstract:We show the relevance of walk o e ects in pattern formation in a type II optical parametric oscillator at frequency degeneracy Neglecting walk o only phase pat terns are formed and the intensity distribution is homogeneous Walk o changes the instability from absolute to convective for some parameter range In the absolutely unstable regime it induces for each polarization component of light a competition between two phase stripe patterns traveling waves with di erent wavelength Phase stripe patterns at each of the wavelengths are equally likely to be selected and after a transient regime of coexistence one of them takes over In the convectively unstable regime we show the existence of intensity patterns sustained by noise The patterns arise form the interference between traveling waves which are excited by noise and dynamically ampli ed
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