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Open Access item A review of mathematical functions for the analysis of growth in poultry

Authors:Darmani Kuhi, H.
Porter, T.
López, Secundino
Kebreab, E.
Strathe, A. B.
Dumas, A.
Dijkstra, J.
France, J.
Keywords:Growth functions, Poultry, Growth, Age, Intake
Issue Date:2010
Publisher:Cambridge University Press
Citation:World's Poultry Science Journal 66 : 227-239 (2010)
Abstract:Poultry industries face various decisions in the production cycle that affect the profitability of an operation. Predictions of growth when the birds are ready for sale are important factors that contribute to the economy of poultry operations. Mathematical functions called ‘growth functions’ have been used to relate body weight (W) to age or cumulative feed intake. These can also be used as response functions to predict daily energy and protein dietary requirements for maintenance and growth (France et al., 1989). When describing growth versus age in poultry, a fixed point of inflexion can be a limitation with equations such as the Gompertz and logistic. Inflexion points vary depending on age, sex, breed and type of animal, so equations such as the Richards and López are generally recommended. For describing retention rate against daily intake, which generally does not exhibit an inflexion point, the monomolecular would appear the function of choice.
Description:14 páginas, 1 figura, 5 tablas.
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1017/S0043933910000280
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