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1openAccessMicrobial_photochemical_reactivity_2006.pdf.jpg2006Microbial and photochemical reactivity of fluorescent dissolved organic matter in a coastal upwelling systemNieto-Cid, Mar ; Álvarez-Salgado, Xosé Antón  ; Pérez, Fiz F.  artículo
2openAccessDissolved_organic_carbon_2002.pdf.jpg2002Dissolved organic carbon distributions in the Bransfield and Gerlache Straits, AntarcticaDoval, M. Dolores ; Álvarez-Salgado, Xosé Antón  ; Castro, Carmen G. ; Pérez, Fiz F.  artículo
3openAccessScimar CO2 Azores.pdf.jpg2010Anthropogenic Co2 in the Azores regionPérez, Fiz F.  ; Arístegui, Javier; Vázquez Rodríguez, Marcos ; Ríos, Aida F. artículo
4openAccessFFraga_living_commitment.pdf.jpg2012Fernando Fraga : a living commitment to oceanographyRíos, Aida F. ; Barton, Eric D. ; Pérez, Fiz F.  artículo
5openAccessDecadal_changes.pdf.jpg1995Decadal changes of the θ−S relationship of the Eastern North Atlantic Central WaterPérez, Fiz F.  ; Ríos, Aida F. ; King, Brian A.; Pollard, R. T.artículo
6openAccessNon_linear_stationary.pdf.jpg1997A non-stationary box model to determine residual fluxes in a partially mixed estuary, based on both thermohaline properties: Application to the Ria de Arousa (NW Spain)Rosón, Gabriel; Álvarez-Salgado, Xosé Antón  ; Pérez, Fiz F.  artículo
7openAccessDetermination_nutrient_salts.pdf.jpg1992Determination of nutrient salts by automatic methods both in seawater and brackish water: the phosphate blankÁlvarez-Salgado, Xosé Antón  ; Fraga, Fernando ; Pérez, Fiz F.  artículo
8openAccessMixing_analysis_nutrients.pdf.jpg1998Mixing analysis of nutrients, oxygen and dissolved inorganic carbon in the upper and middle North Atlantic ocean east of the AzoresPérez, Fiz F.  ; Ríos, Aida F. ; Castro, Carmen G. ; Fraga, Fernando artículo
9openAccessCarbonic_system_distribution.pdf.jpg1995The carbonic system distribution and fluxes in the NE Atlantic during Spring 1991Ríos, Aida F. ; Anderson, Thomas R.; Pérez, Fiz F.  artículo
10closedAccess1999Air-sea CO2 fluxes in a coastal embayment affected by upwelling: Physical versus biological controlÁlvarez, Marta ; Fernández, Emilio; Pérez, Fiz F.  artículo
11openAccessMass_nutrient_oxygen.pdf.jpg2012Mass, nutrient and oxygen budgets for the northeastern Atlantic OceanMaze, G.; Mercier, Herlé; Thierry, V.; Mémery, L.; Morin, Pascal; Pérez, Fiz F.  artículo
12openAccessModelling_thermohaline.pdf.jpg1997Modelling thermohaline properties in an estuarine upwelling ecosystem (Ria de Vigo: NW Spain) using Box-Jenkins transfer function modelsNogueira, E.; Pérez, Fiz F.  ; Ríos, Aida F. artículo
13openAccessStoichiometry_degradation_dissolved.pdf.jpg2006Stoichiometry of the degradation of dissolved and particulate biogenic organic matter in the NW Iberian upwellingÁlvarez-Salgado, Xosé Antón  ; Nieto-Cid, Mar ; Gago, Jesús ; Brea, S. ; Castro, Carmen G. ; Doval, M. Dolores ; Pérez, Fiz F.  artículo
14openAccessRios-GeoCarbon_Conference-Roma-Oct2011.pdf.jpg2011An update of anthropogenic CO2 storage rates in the western South Atlantic and the role of Antarctic Bottom WaterRíos, Aida F. ; Velo, A. ; Pardo, Paula C. ; Hoppema, M.; Pérez, Fiz F.  presentación
15openAccessCarbon_distribution_fluxes.pdf.jpg2003Carbon distribution, fluxes, and budgets in the subtropical North Atlantic Ocean (24.5°N)Rosón, Gabriel; Ríos, Aida F. ; Pérez, Fiz F.  ; Lavín, Alicia; Bryden, Harry L.artículo
16openAccessSubsurface.pdf.jpg2012The subsurface layer reference to calculate preformed alkalinity and air-sea CO2 disequilibrium in the Atlantic Ocean.Vázquez Rodríguez, Marcos ; Padín, X. A. ; Pardo, Paula C. ; Ríos, Aida F. ; Pérez, Fiz F.  artículo
17openAccessPardo_JMS.pdf.jpgFeb-2011CO2 air-sea disequilibrium and preformed Alkalinity in the Pacific and Indian oceans calculated from Subsurface Layer dataPardo, Paula C. ; Vázquez Rodríguez, Marcos ; Pérez, Fiz F.  ; Ríos, Aida F. artículo
18openAccessAtmospheric_co2_measurements.pdf.jpg2007Atmospheric CO2 measurements and error analysis on seasonal air-sea CO2 fluxes in the Bay of BiscayPadín, X. A. ; Vázquez Rodríguez, Marcos ; Ríos, Aida F. ; Pérez, Fiz F.  artículo
19openAccessFlecha-JMS2012.pdf.jpg2012Anthropogenic carbon inventory in the Gulf of CádizFlecha, Susana ; Pérez, Fiz F.  ; Navarro, Gabriel  ; Ruiz Segura, Javier ; Livé, I.; Rodríguez-Gálvez, Susana  ; Costas, Eduardo; Huertas, I. Emma  artículo
20openAccessAnthropogenic_carbon_water_masses.pdf.jpg2012Anthropogenic carbon and water masses in the Bay of BiscayCastaño, Mónica; Pardo, Paula C. ; Álvarez, M.; Rodríguez, C.; Carballo, R.; Ríos, Aida F. ; Pérez, Fiz F.  artículo
21openAccessFajar N M_Trends_English.pdf.jpg2012Trends of the anthropogenic CO2 along 20ºW in the Iberian basinFajar, Noelia ; Pardo, Paula C. ; Carracedo, L. ; Vázquez Rodríguez, Marcos ; Ríos, Aida F. ; Pérez, Fiz F.  artículo
22openAccessPrecise_rapid_analytical.pdf.jpg1987A precise and rapid analytical procedure for alkalinity determinationPérez, Fiz F.  ; Fraga, Fernando artículo
23openAccessDetermination_dissolved_organic.pdf.jpg1997Determination of dissolved organic nitrogen in seawater using Kjeldahl digestion after inorganic nitrogen removalDoval, M. Dolores ; Fraga, Fernando ; Pérez, Fiz F.  artículo
24closedAccess1998Modelling nutrients and chlorophyll a time series in an estuarine upwelling ecosystem (Ria de Vigo: NW Spain) using the Box-Jenkins approachNogueira, E.; Pérez, Fiz F.  ; Ríos, Aida F. artículo
25openAccessLocal_remineralization_patterns.pdf.jpg2006Local remineralization patterns in the mesopelagic zone of the Eastern North Atlantic, off the NW Iberian PeninsulaCastro, Carmen G. ; Nieto-Cid, Mar ; Álvarez-Salgado, Xosé Antón  ; Pérez, Fiz F.  artículo
26openAccessStoichiometry_net_ecosystem_metabolism.pdf.jpg2000Stoichiometry of the net ecosystem metabolism in a coastal inlet affected by upwelling. The Ria de Arousa (NW Spain)Pérez, Fiz F.  ; Álvarez-Salgado, Xosé Antón  ; Rosón, Gabrielartículo
27openAccessCoupling_between_iberian.pdf.jpg2001Coupling between the Iberian basin–scale circulation and the Portugal boundary current system. A chemical studyPérez, Fiz F.  ; Castro, Carmen G. ; Álvarez-Salgado, Xosé Antón  ; Ríos, Aida F. artículo
28openAccessLongterm_CO2_ENA.pdf.jpg2001Long-term (1977-1997) measurements of carbon dioxide in the Eastern North Atlantic: Evaluation of anthropogenic inputRíos, Aida F. ; Pérez, Fiz F.  ; Fraga, Fernando artículo
29openAccessfco2_variability_2008.pdf.jpg2008fCO2sw variability in the Bay of Biscay during ECO cruisesPadín, X. A. ; Castro, Carmen G. ; Ríos, Aida F. ; Pérez, Fiz F.  artículo
30openAccessSeasonal sea-surface CO2_Rios.pdf.jpg2005Seasonal sea-surface carbon dioxide in the Azores areaRíos, Aida F. ; Pérez, Fiz F.  ; Álvarez, Marta ; Mintrop, L.; González-Dávila, Melchor; Santana-Casiano, Magdalena; Lefèvre, Nathalie; Watson, Andrew J.artículo
31openAccessUnaccounted_role_mediterranean_water.pdf.jpg2005Unaccounted role of Mediterranean Water in the drawdown of anthropogenic carbonÁlvarez, Marta ; Pérez, Fiz F.  ; Shoosmith, Deborah R.; Bryden, Harry L.artículo
32closedAccess1987Association constant of fluoride and hydrogen ions in seawaterPérez, Fiz F.  ; Fraga, Fernando artículo
33openAccessNew_production_nw_iberian_shelf.pdf.jpg2002New Production of the NW Iberian Shelf during the Upwelling Season over the period 1982–1999Álvarez-Salgado, Xosé Antón  ; Beloso, S.; Joint, Ian; Nogueira, E.; Chou, L.; Pérez, Fiz F.  ; Groom, S.; Cabanas, J. M.; Rees, Andrew P.; Elskens, M.artículo
34openAccessImprovements_back_calculation_technique.pdf.jpg2002Improvements on the back-calculation technique for estimating anthropogenic CO2Pérez, Fiz F.  ; Álvarez, Marta ; Ríos, Aida F. artículo
35openAccessm176p215.pdf.jpg18-Jan-1999Carbon cycling in a large coastal embayment, affected by wind-driven upwelling: short-time-scale variability and spatial differencesRosón, Gabriel; Álvarez-Salgado, Xosé Antón  ; Pérez, Fiz F.  artículo
36openAccessessd-2-17-2010.pdf.jpg1-Feb-2010Atlantic Ocean CARINA data: overview and salinity adjustmentsTanhua, T.; Pérez, Fiz F.  artículo
37openAccessm283p039.pdf.jpg30-Nov-2004Cycling of dissolved and particulate carbohydrates in a coastal upwelling system (NW Iberian Peninsula)Nieto-Cid, Mar ; Álvarez-Salgado, Xosé Antón  ; Brea, S. ; Pérez, Fiz F.  artículo
38openAccessm157p021.pdf.jpg16-Oct-1997Dissolved organic matter in a temperate embayment affected by coastal upwellingDoval, M. Dolores ; Álvarez-Salgado, Xosé Antón  ; Pérez, Fiz F.  artículo
39openAccessm297p033.pdf.jpg1-Aug-2005DOM fluorescence, a tracer for biogeochemical processes in a coastal upwelling system (NW Iberian Peninsula)Nieto-Cid, Mar ; Álvarez-Salgado, Xosé Antón  ; Gago, Jesús ; Pérez, Fiz F.  artículo
40openAccessm189p065.pdf.jpg26-Nov-1999Effect of upwelling pulses on excess carbohydrate synthesis as deduced from nutrient, carbon dioxide and oxygen profilesFraga, Fernando ; Ríos, Aida F. ; Pérez, Fiz F.  ; Estrada, Marta  ; Marrasé, Cèlia  artículo
41openAccesssm53n4779[1].pdf.jpg1989Estimation of coefficients for the calculation of "NO", "PO" and "CO", starting from the elemental composition of natural phytoplanktonRíos, Aida F. ; Fraga, Fernando ; Pérez, Fiz F.  artículo
42openAccesssm54n1069[1].pdf.jpg1990Transformaciones entre composición química del fitoplancton, composición elemental y relación de RedfieldFraga, Fernando ; Pérez, Fiz F.  artículo
43openAccessthermohaline.pdf.jpg2000Climatological coupling of the thermohaline decadal changes in Central Water of the Eastern North AtlanticPérez, Fiz F.  ; Pollard, R. T.; Read, J. F.; Valencia, Victoriano; Cabanas, J. M.; Ríos, Aida F. artículo
44openAccessbg-7-1789-2010.pdf.jpgMay-2010Trends of anthropogenic CO2 storage in North Atlantic water massesPérez, Fiz F.  ; Vázquez Rodríguez, Marcos ; Mercier, Herlé; Velo, A. ; Lherminier, Pascale; Ríos, Aida F. artículo
45openAccess0558.pdf.jpg2008Hydrodynamic characterization and performance of an autonomous benthic chamber for use in coastal systemsFerrón, Sara; Alonso Pérez, Fernando ; Castro, Carmen G. ; Ortega, Teodora; Pérez, Fiz F.  ; Ríos, Aida F. ; Gómez-Parra, Abelardo; Forja, Jesús M.artículo
46openAccessImprovements_potentiometric_determinations.pdf.jpg1999Improvements in potentiometric determinations of the CO2 oceanic system using seawater sub-standards and CO2 reference materialsRíos, Aida F. ; Pérez, Fiz F.  artículo
47openAccessPerez et al JMS1999Sea_surface_carbon.pdf.jpg1999Sea surface carbon dioxide off the Iberian Peninsula (North Eastern Atlantic Ocean)Pérez, Fiz F.  ; Ríos, Aida F. ; Rosón, Gabrielartículo
48openAccessDissolved_organic_matter_shelf_waters.pdf.jpg1999Dissolved organic matter in shelf waters off the Ria de Vigo (NW Iberian upwelling system)Álvarez-Salgado, Xosé Antón  ; Doval, M. Dolores ; Pérez, Fiz F.  artículo
49openAccessMixing_analysis_nutrients_oxygen.pdf.jpg2001Mixing analysis of nutrients, oxygen and inorganic carbon in the Canary Islands regionPérez, Fiz F.  ; Mintrop, L.; Llinás, O.; González-Dávila, Melchor; Castro, Carmen G. ; Álvarez, Marta ; Körtzinger, Arne; Santana-Casiano, Magdalena; Rueda, M. J.; Ríos, Aida F. artículo
50closedAccess2007Surface CO2 measurements in the English Channel and Southern Bight of North Sea using voluntary observing shipsPadín, X. A. ; Vázquez Rodríguez, Marcos ; Ríos, Aida F. ; Pérez, Fiz F.  artículo
Results 1-50 of 276 (Search time: 1.122 seconds).