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1openAccessES2159234A1.pdf.jpg16-Sep-2001Differentiation of various tunny species in canned tunny products consists of application of a set of restriction endonucleases to an amplified mitochondrial ADN material .González Sotelo, Carmen ; Medina, Isabel ; Pérez Martín, Ricardo Isaac ; Quinteiro, Javier; Rey Méndez, Manuelpatente
2closedAccess2007The habitat of mesopelagic scyphomedusae in Monterey Bay, CaliforniaOsborn, Dawn Alexandra; Silver, Mary W.; Castro, Carmen G. ; Bros, Shannon M.; Chavez, Francisco P.artículo
3openAccessYessotoxins_profile_strains.pdf.jpg2007Yessotoxins profile in strains of Protoceratium reticulatum from Spain and USAPaz, Beatriz ; Riobó, Pilar ; Ramilo, Isabel; Franco, José M. artículo
4openAccessMicrobial_photochemical_reactivity_2006.pdf.jpg2006Microbial and photochemical reactivity of fluorescent dissolved organic matter in a coastal upwelling systemNieto-Cid, Mar ; Álvarez-Salgado, Xosé Antón  ; Pérez, Fiz F.  artículo
5closedAccess2007Turbot TNFα gene: Molecular characterization and biological activity of the recombinant proteinOrdás, M. Camino ; Costa, M. M. ; Roca, F. J.; López-Castejón, G.; Mulero, Victoriano; Meseguer, José; Figueras Huerta, Antonio  ; Novoa, Beatriz artículo
6closedAccess2006Candidatus Xenohaliotis californiensis and Haplosporidium montforti associated with mortalities of abalone Haliotis tuberculata cultured in EuropeBalseiro, P. ; Aranguren, Raquel ; Gestal, C. ; Novoa, Beatriz ; Figueras Huerta, Antonio  artículo
7closedAccess2006Lead contamination of small cetaceans in European waters - The use of stable isotopes for identifying the sources of lead exposureCaurant, F.; Aubail, A.; Lahaye, V.; Canneyt, O. van; Rogan, E.; López, Alfredo; Addink, M.; Churlaud, C.; Robert, M.; Bustamante, Pacoartículo
8closedAccess2007Comparison of DNA extraction methods from muscle of canned tuna for species identificationChapela, María José ; González Sotelo, Carmen ; Pérez Martín, Ricardo Isaac ; Pardo, M. A.; Pérez-Villareal, Begoña; Gilardi, Patricia; Riese, Juanartículo
9closedAccess2006Lipid composition of Ruditapes philippinarum spat: Effect of ration and diet qualityFernández-Reiriz, María José ; Labarta, Uxío ; Albentosa, M.; Pérez-Camacho, A.artículo
10closedAccess2006Antioxidant activity of extracts produced by solvent extraction of almond shells acid hydrolysatesMoure, Andrés; Pazos, Manuel ; Medina, Isabel ; Domínguez, Herminia; Parajó, Juan Carlosartículo
11closedAccess2006Using the bootstrap to investigate the effects of varying tow lengths and catch sampling schemes in fish surveyCerviño, Santiago; Saborido-Rey, Fran  artículo
12closedAccess2005Enzymatic and feeding behaviour of Argopecten purpuratus under variation in salinity and food supplyFernández-Reiriz, María José ; Navarro, Jorge M.; Labarta, Uxío artículo
13closedAccess2005Robust parameter estimation in nonlinear dynamic process modelsRodríguez Fernández, María; Alonso, Antonio A. ; Banga, Julio R. artículo
14closedAccess2004Viruses infecting bivalve molluscsRenault, Tristan; Novoa, Beatriz artículo
15openAccessWO2005032265A1.pdf.jpg14-Apr-2005Modified-atmosphere preservation of live bivalve shellfish in a hermetic containerPastoriza, Laura ; Sampedro, Gabriel ; Bernárdez Costas, Marta ; López Cabo, Marta ; Rodríguez Herrera, Juan José patente
16openAccessXenostrobus_securis.pdf.jpg2007Xenostrobus securis (Lamarck, 1819) (Mollusca: Bivalvia): first report of an introduced species in Galician watersGarci, Manuel E. ; Trigo, J. E.; Pascual, Santiago ; González, Ángel F. ; Rocha, Francisco; Guerra, Ángel artículo
17closedAccess2008Metal and metalloid concentrations in the giant squid Architeuthis dux from Iberian watersBustamante, Paco; González, Ángel F. ; Rocha, Francisco; Miramand, P.; Guerra, Ángel artículo
18closedAccess2000Aggregata sagittata n. sp. (Apicomplexa: Aggregatidae), a coccidian parasite from the European flying squid Todarodes sagittatus (Mollusca: Cephalopoda)Gestal, C. ; Guerra, Ángel ; Abollo, Elvira; Pascual, Santiago artículo
19closedAccess2002Extensive population subdivision of the cuttlefish Sepia officinalis (Mollusca: Cephalopoda) around the Iberian Peninsula indicated by microsatellite DNA variationPérez-Losada, Marcos; Guerra, Ángel ; Carvalho, G. R.; Sanjuan, A.; Shan, P. W.artículo
20closedAccess2002Observations from submersibles of rare long-arm bathypelagic squidsGuerra, Ángel ; González, Ángel F. ; Rocha, Francisco; Segonzac, Michel; Gracia, Joaquínartículo
21closedAccess2001Age studies based on daily growth increments in statoliths and growth lamellae in cuttlebone of cultured Sepia officinalisBettencourt, V.; Guerra, Ángel artículo
22openAccessKinetics_daidzin.pdf.jpg2008Kinetics of daidzin and genistin transformations and water absorption during soybean soaking at different temperaturesWardhani, Dyah Hesti; Vázquez, José Antonio ; Pandiella, Severino S.artículo
23openAccessTeira et al_EMIR_2009_Digital CSIC.pdf.jpg2009Growth rates of different phylogenetic bacterioplankton groups in a coastal upwelling systemTeira, Eva; Martínez-García, Sandra; Lonborg, Ch. ; Álvarez-Salgado, Xosé Antón  artículo
24openAccessAnalysis_differentially_expressed_genes.pdf.jpg2007Analysis of differentially expressed genes in response to bacterial stimulation in hemocytes of the carpet-shell clam Ruditapes decussatus: Identification of new antimicrobial peptidesGestal, C. ; Costa, M. M. ; Figueras Huerta, Antonio  ; Novoa, Beatriz artículo
25openAccessElevated_concentrations_O2_mussel.pdf.jpg2004Elevated concentrations of oxygen on the stability of live mussel stored refrigeratedPastoriza, Laura ; Bernárdez Costas, Marta ; Sampedro, Gabriel ; López Cabo, Marta ; Rodríguez Herrera, Juan José artículo
26openAccessEffect_gutting_rancidity.pdf.jpg2008Effect of previous gutting on rancidity development in horse mackerel (Trachurus trachurus) during frozen storage at −20 °CLehmann, Ines; Aubourg, Santiago P. artículo
27closedAccess2008Fractionation and reactivity of platinum group elements during estuarine mixingCobelo-García, A. ; Turner, Andrew; Millward, Geoff E.artículo
28openAccessEnergy_balance_gonad.pdf.jpg2003Energy balance, gonad development and biochemical composition in the clam Ruditapes decussatusPérez-Camacho, A.; Delgado, M.; Fernández-Reiriz, María José ; Labarta, Uxío artículo
29openAccessTransports_across_2002.pdf.jpg2007Transports across 2002 Greenland-Portugal Ovide section and comparison with 1997Lherminier, Pascale; Mercier, Herlé; Gourcuff, Claire; Álvarez, Marta ; Bacon, S.; Kermabon, C.artículo
30openAccessDissolved_organic_carbon_2002.pdf.jpg2002Dissolved organic carbon distributions in the Bransfield and Gerlache Straits, AntarcticaDoval, M. Dolores ; Álvarez-Salgado, Xosé Antón  ; Castro, Carmen G. ; Pérez, Fiz F.  artículo
31openAccessFirst_report_endoparasitic.pdf.jpg2002First report of an endoparasitic epicaridean isopod infecting cephalopodsPascual, Santiago ; Vega, Marco A.; Rocha, Francisco; Guerra, Ángel artículo
32openAccessBottom_up_control.pdf.jpg2008Bottom-up control of common octopus Octopus vulgaris in the Galician upwelling system, northeast Atlantic OceanOtero, Jaime ; Álvarez-Salgado, Xosé Antón  ; González, Ángel F. ; Miranda, Ana; Groom, S.; Cabanas, J. M.; Wheatley, Ben; Guerra, Ángel artículo
33openAccessBacteriocin_poduction_ph_gradient.pdf.jpg2006Bacteriocin production and pH gradient. Some mathematical models and their problems.Vázquez, José Antonio ; Mirón, Jesús ; González Fernández, Pilar ; Murado García, Miguel Anxo artículo
34openAccessProteases_production_two_vibrio.pdf.jpg2006Proteases production by two Vibrio species on residuals marine mediaVázquez, José Antonio ; Docasal, S. F. ; Mirón, Jesús ; González Fernández, Pilar ; Murado García, Miguel Anxo artículo
35openAccessCellular_immunological_parameters.pdf.jpg2002Cellular immunological parameters of the octopus, Octopus vulgarisNovoa, Beatriz ; Tafalla, Carolina; Guerra, Ángel ; Figueras Huerta, Antonio  artículo
36openAccessFree_amino_acids_Prestige.pdf.jpg2006Free amino acid composition in juveniles of Mytilus galloprovincialis: spatial variability after Prestige oil spillBabarro, José M. F. ; Fernández-Reiriz, María José ; Garrido, J. L. ; Labarta, Uxío artículo
37openAccessFirst_genetic_validation.pdf.jpg2005First genetic validation and diagnosis of the short-finned squid species of the genus Illex (Cephalopoda: Ommastrephidae)Martínez, Pilar; Pérez-Losada, Marcos; Guerra, Ángel ; Sanjuan, A.artículo
38openAccessPreliminary_tests_nisin.pdf.jpg2006Preliminary tests on nisin and pediocin production using waste protein sources. Factorial and kinetic studiesVázquez, José Antonio ; González Fernández, Pilar ; Murado García, Miguel Anxo artículo
39openAccessReproductive_cycle_octopus.pdf.jpg2007Reproductive cycle and energy allocation of Octopus vulgaris in Galician waters, NE AtlanticOtero, Jaime ; González, Ángel F. ; Sieiro, Pilar; Guerra, Ángel artículo
40openAccessIdentification_minor_fatty.pdf.jpg2002Identification of Minor Fatty Acids from Mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis) by GC-MS of their 2-alkenyl-4,4 dimethyloxazoline derivatives.Garrido, J. L. ; Medina, Isabel artículo
41closedAccess2008Bioaccumulation of persistent organic pollutants in female common dolphins (Delphinus delphis) and harbour porpoises (Phocoena phocoena) from western European seas: Geographical trends, causal factors and effects on reproduction and mortalityPierce, Graham J.; González, Ángel F. ; Guerra, Ángel artículo
42openAccessIdentification_illex_coindetii_illecebrosus.pdf.jpg2002Identification of Illex coindetii, I. illecebrosus and I. argentinus (Cephalopoda: Ommastrephidae) throughout the Atlantic Ocean; by body and beak charactersMartínez, Pilar; Sanjuan, A.; Guerra, Ángel artículo
43closedAccess2003Fishery by-catches of marine mammals in Galician waters: results from on-board observations and an interview survey of fishermenLópez, Alfredo; Pierce, Graham J.; Santos, M. Begoña; Gracia, Joaquín; Guerra, Ángel artículo
44openAccessEcology_sepia_officinalis.pdf.jpg2006Ecology of sepia offcinalisGuerra, Ángel artículo
45openAccessGago et al_ECSS_2005_Digital CSIC.pdf.jpg2005Continental inputs of C, N, P and Si species to the Ría de Vigo (NW Spain)Gago, Jesús ; Álvarez-Salgado, Xosé Antón  ; Nieto-Cid, Mar ; Brea, S. ; Piedracoba, Silvia artículo
46openAccessN-Si-P_molar_ratio.pdf.jpg2003The N:Si:P molar ratio in the Strait of GibraltarDafner, Evgeny V.; Boscolo, Roberta ; Bryden, Harry L.artículo
47closedAccess2002Scratching the sporocyst surface: characterisation of European Aggregata species by atomic force microscopyGestal, C. ; Serra, C.; Guerra, Ángel ; Pascual, Santiago artículo
48openAccessUnusual_sites_Aggregata.pdf.jpg2006Unusual sites of Aggregata octopiana infection in octopus cultured in floating cagesPascual, Santiago ; González, Ángel F. ; Guerra, Ángel artículo
49closedAccess2005The recruitment of gill-infesting copepods as a categorical predictor of size-at-age data in squid populationsPascual, Santiago ; González, Ángel F. ; Guerra, Ángel artículo
50closedAccess2007Parasites and cephalopod fisheries uncertainty: towards a waterfall understandingPascual, Santiago ; González, Ángel F. ; Guerra, Ángel artículo
Results 1-50 of 978 (Search time: 0.694 seconds).