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Open Access item Primeros resultados magnetoestratigráficos del Triásico MedioSuperior (Ladiniense-Karniense) en la Cordillera Ibérica occidental (Cuevas de Ayllón)

Authors:Ruiz, V.C.
Sopeña, A.
Rey, D.
Villalain, J.J.
Gialanella, P.R.
Osete, M.L.
Keywords:magnetostratigraphy, Ladinian, Karnian, Iberian Ranges, Spain, palaeomagnetism, Magnetostratigraphy
Issue Date:1999
Citation:Geogaceta, 25: 179-82
Abstract:A magnetostratigraphic investigation on a Middle-Late Triassic section outcropping at Cuevas de Ayllón (westernmost margin of the Iberían Ranges, Spain) has been performed. The section most1y consists of a thick sequence of interbedded mudstones and sandstones. The age of the sampled formation has been established as Ladinian-Karnian on the basis of palynological assemblages. 123 samples were subjected to a progressive thermal demagnetization up to 680º C. A multicomponent magnetization behaviour has been observed. The characteristic component could be isolated from 575-620º C up to 680º C, in 74 samples showed both polarities and allowed to define a consistent magnetic zonation. The data presented wil1 contribute to the construction of a standard polarity sea/e for the Triassic time span.
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