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Closed Access item A neutron–diffraction study of changes induced in aluminous cement paste by the application of external electric fields

Authors:Castellote, M.
Turrillas, X.
Llorente, I.
Alonso, C.
Andrade, C.
Campo, J.
Keywords:Calcium aluminate cement, Neutron diffraction, Solid phases alteration, Electrochemical treatment
Issue Date:2004
Citation:Physica - Section B; Vol. 350; nºs. 1-3 supl.; págs. e561-e564; (2004)
Abstract:The influence of an external DC voltage in an aluminous cement paste has been studied by in situ neutron diffraction, by monitoring the evolution of CaAl2O4 and Ca3Al2(OH)12 at different distances from the electrodes. The microstructure of the whole aluminous paste becomes dramatically altered. Both phases have been more attacked in zones closer to the electrodes. Major changes took place in the zone next to the positive electrode, in which the anhydrous phase has disappeared completely and the Ca3Al2(OH)12, has decreased significantly. In the cathodic zone, a decrease is also noticed due to the aluminium amphoteric character. The noticeable background diffraction increase in the area close to the positive electrode has been attributed to the formation of an amorphous alumina-like-gel that incorporated water to its composition.
Publisher version (URL):http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0921452604003667
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