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Open Access item Análisis funcional del material lítico en las sepulturas de la Bòbila Madurell (Sant Quirze del Vallès, Barcelona)

Authors:Clemente-Conte, Ignacio
Gibaja, Juan Francisco
Keywords:Material lítico, Sepulturas, Bòbila Madurell, Sant Quirze del Vallés, Arqueología
Issue Date:1996
Publisher:Museu de Gavà
Citation:Rubricatum: revista del Museu de Gavà (1/1), : 183-189 (1996)
Abstract:[EN] The results of the fonctional analysis realised on the lithic material of the Bòbila Madurell (Sant Quirze del Valles (1987, 1989 and 1991 years)) are exposed. The importance of this work does not reside special!y on the novelty of the subject (since we have no notice of other functional analysis executed on the whole of the tombs' lithic materials), but because its conjuction to the determination of the number, gender and age of the subjects, carried out since the paleoanthropological analysis, may allow on approximation to the group that inhabited the Bóbila Madurell's production and reproduction social relationships. Likewise, parting from this analysis we attempt to respond to the following question, presented on numerous ocassions in the archaeological literature: where these lithic artefacts produced exclusively with the intention of their placement next to the buried person or, on the contrary, had they been used as production instruments?. Lastfy, the functional analysis was one more element with which to get near generic economic and the technical aspects. That is to say, we did not only wish to obtain information on the percenteage of the instruments used on every material, but also try to explain those percenteages.
[ES] El objetivo base de este trabajo está dirigido a intentar aproximarnos, no sólo a las cuestiones económicas del grupo que habitó la Bòbila Madurell, sino también a aspectos de caracter social, como puden ser diferencias sociales, de carácter sexual y de edad. Nos interesa especialmente este tipo de aspectos de caracter social pues son ligeramente tocados en la literatura arqueológica debido a la dificultad que conlleva construir hipótesis con cierta coherencia y validez desde los datos arqueológicos.
Description:I Congrés del Neolític a la Península Ibèrica. Formació i implantació de les comunitats agrícoles. Gavà-Bellaterra, 27, 28 i 29 de març de 1995.
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