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Open Access item Spatial structures in nonlinear optical cavities at IFISC

Other Titles:Estructuras espaciales en cavidades ópticas no lineales en el IFISC
Authors:Colet, Pere
Gomila, Damià
Jacobo, Adrián
Zambrini, Roberta
Keywords:Non Linear Optics, Pattern Formation
Issue Date:2011
Publisher:Sociedad Española de Óptica
Citation:Optica Pura y Aplicada 44(3): 493-499 (2011)
Abstract:We present here a brief overview of the main topics studied in the Institute for Cross Disciplinary Physics and Complex Systems (IFISC) within the context of formation of spatial structures in nonlinear optical cavities, including both extended patterns as well as localized structures (dissipative solitons). We also study the effect of gradients and non local coupling arising either from feedback or from the presence of intr
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