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Open Access item Numerical Investigation of Semiconductor Ring Lasers With Two External Cavitie

Authors:Ermakov, Ilya
Sande, G. Van der
Gelens, Lendert
Scirè, Alessandro
Colet, Pere
Mirasso, Claudio R.
Tronciu, Vasile
Danckaert, Jan
Issue Date:2009
Publisher:Bauman Moscow State Technical University
Citation:Young Optical Scientists Conference 106-109 (2009)
Abstract:We report results on the numerical analysis of the behaviour of a semiconductor ring laser under the influence of feedback from two external cavities. Double feedback arises naturally in a semiconductor ring laser, e.g. at the end facets of an outcoupling waveguide. We find that, under certain conditions, the system displays quasi-periodic and chaotic behavior
Description:Young Optical Scientists Conference YOSC-2009
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