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Open Access item High throughput optical readout of dense arrays of nanomechanical systems for sensing applications

Authors:Martínez, N. F.
Kosaka, Priscila M.
Tamayo, Javier
Calleja, Montserrat
Issue Date:28-Dec-2010
Publisher:American Institute of Physics
Citation:Review of Scientific Instruments 81(12): 125109 (2010)
Abstract:We present an instrument based on the scanning of a laser beam and the measurement of the reflected beam deflection that enables the readout of arrays of nanomechanical systems without limitation in the geometry of the sample, with high sensitivity and a spatial resolution of few micrometers. The measurement of nanoscale deformations on surfaces of cm2 is performed automatically, with minimal need of user intervention for optical alignment. To exploit the capability of the instrument for high throughput biological and chemical sensing, we have designed and fabricated a two-dimensional array of 128 cantilevers. As a proof of concept, we measure the nanometer-scale bending of the 128 cantilevers, previously coated with a thin gold layer, induced by the adsorption and self-assembly on the gold surface of several self-assembled monolayers. The instrument is able to provide the static and dynamic responses of cantilevers with subnanometer resolution and at a rate of up to ten cantilevers per second. The instrumentation and the fabricated chip enable applications for the analysis of complex biological systems and for artificial olfaction.
Description:N. F. Martínez et al...
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1063/1.3525090
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