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Open Access item Brood size reduction in lavandula latifolia . a test of alternative hypothesis

Authors:Herrera, Carlos M.
Keywords:Genetic load, Pollen limitation, Seed/ovule ratio, Seed reproduction, seed production, water limitation
Issue Date:1990
Publisher:Evolutionary Trends in Plants
Citation:Evolutionary Trends in Plants, 4 (1990): 99-105
Abstract:Lavandula latifolia (Labiatae) flowers have four ovules, yet fruits rarely bear nore than two seeds due to extensive brood reduction. Test of brood reduction hypothesis ascribing causal roles to genetic load, pollination shortage and resource (water and resources specific for seed maduration)limitation, were performed. In this species, brood reduction cannot be explained in terms of either pollen or resource limitation, and observed brood size patterns are no consistent with predictions from the genetic load hypothesis. A combination of ovary-level processes (sibling competition) and maternally predertermined patterns of ovule abortion most likely determined size in L. latifolia
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