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Open Access item Chaotic Turing structures

Authors:Solé, Ricard V.
Bascompte, Jordi
Issue Date:Aug-1993
Citation:PhysicsLettersA 179 (1993) 325—331
Abstract:Turing-like structures are obtained in a two-dimensional coupled map lattice model. Such structures have a well-defined stable pattern in space, but highly chaotic local fluctuations can also be observed. Two well-defined regions in phase space are separated, defining the domains of emergence of phase separation. Chaotic behavior is widely present in both situations and the Allen—Cahn theory of phase separation is applied. The transient behavior is also analysed and some implications for species competition in ecology are outlined
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/0375-9601(93)90686-T
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