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Título : Magnetic order of Cr thin films in Nb/Cr/Fe-nanoisland hybrid: A comparative study between magnetic and superconducting properties
Autor : Navarro, E., Vélez, M., Huttel, Yves, Pérez-Junquera, A., Martín, J. I., Lima, O. F. de, Cebollada, Alfonso, Alameda, J. M., Vicent, J. L.
Fecha de publicación : 2009
Editor: American Institute of Physics
Resumen: Shifted hysteresis loops characteristic of the exchange bias effect between a ferromagnet and an antiferromagnet are demonstrated in structures formed by a 2.5 nm Cr layer deposited on top of an array of Fe nanoislands (Cr/Fe-nanoislands). This effect evidences the persistence of antiferromagnetic (AF) order for Cr layers much thinner than the thickness reported in the literature. The field shift measured is found to increase for the smallest island sizes, which can be related with the enhancement of the Fe-nanoisland surface to volume ratio. The comparative study between superconducting proximity effects in Nb/Cr/Fe-nanoislands and Nb/normal metal/Fe-nanoisland hybrids (where the normal metals used are Al and Pt) confirms the presence of AF order in the 2.5 nm Cr spacer layer. A much shorter penetration depth of the Cooper pairs into the AF Cr layers than in the normal metal Pt and Al spacer layers is deduced.
Descripción : 7 páginas, 4 figuras, 1 tabla.
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ISSN: 0021-8979
DOI: 10.1063/1.3075740
Citación : Journal of Applied Physics 105(3): 033912 (2009)
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