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Título : Chromium(VI) removal through facilitated transport using Cyanex 923 as carrier and reducing stripping with hydrazine sulphate
Autor : Alguacil, Francisco José, Alonso Gámez, Manuel
Fecha de publicación : 2003
Editor: American Chemical Society
Resumen: The transport of chromium(VI) through a flat-sheet supported liquid membrane (FSSLM) containing CYANEX 923 (mixture of phosphine oxides) as a carrier has been studied. The permeation of the metal is investigated as a function of various experimental variables: hydrodynamic conditions, concentration of chromium(VI) and HCI in the feed phase, CYANEX 923 concentration and diluent in the membrane, and strippant concentration in the receiving phase. By using hydrazine sulfate in the receiving phase, chromium(VI) is immediately reduced to the less toxic chromium(III). The aqueous mass transfer coefficient and the thickness of the aqueous boundary layer were calculated from the experimental results. The selectivity of CYANEX 923-based FSSLM toward different metal ions and the behavior of the system against other carriers is presented.
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ISSN: 1520-5851
DOI: 10.1021/es020585s
Citación : Environmental Science and Technology 37(5):1043-7 (2003)
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